VR Club
What do you do in VR Club?

We do lots of things! Our main meetings are open hours where we bring out our VR equipment and tech for people to play and try. We usually like to have a theme every week around a specific game or genre.

Our MiXR (Meetings involving Extended Reality) division is an academic forum for discussions on everything related to VR and the metaverse. From faculty research talks to industry discussions, we invite people who want to learn more about the world of XR to join.

Our VR Esports group works with Illini Esports to train players in competitive VR games and compete against colleges across North America. If you are interested in leveling-up your VR game or just want to hang out with a community of serious VR gamers, join us during our practice times.

Do I need a VR headset to join?

No, you do not need a VR headset to join. Our space has PC-tethered VR headsets available to use during meetings, and the lab has a checkout system for standalone VR headsets for people interested in using one for longer.

Do I need to know anything about VR beforehand?

No, we welcome everyone! No matter if you are an expert, aficionado, academic, or newbie, we hope that we have some events or groups that will cater to your interests. Speak with one of our board members if you want to learn more!

Is there an attendance policy / What happens if I miss a meeting?

No biggie. Since we are an open community, there is no formal attendance policy. We would love for new people to come in throughout the semester to meet other club members and try out equipment and games. If the club isn’t for you, feel free to back out at anytime.

We will also keep our club members updated through our email newsletter and Discord server, so keep a lookout for announcements there!

Are there any fees that I need to pay?

Nope! Through generous donations from the Grainger IDEA Lab, the Grainger Library, and Engineering Council, we stand committed to remain a free resource and community for the campus community. We will occasionally run fundraisers in order to fill some needs that we can’t provide, so feel free to help out our organization if you like what we are doing.

Open Hours
When and where are open hours?

Every Friday from 5-7 pm at the IDEA Lab at Grainger Library.

The IDEA Lab is located in the west wing of the Grainger Library basement.

What do you do during open hours?

Open hours is your chance to play with VR equipment as well as meet other people interested in VR. We have a library of vast experiences and a lot of hardware for the club to use.

What are themed open hours?

Most of our open hours come with a theme. Whether that’s a game genre, a specific game, or a hardware exploration, we like to broaden the club’s horizons by trying new things together.

Do I have to participate in the themes for open hours?

Nope! You can do anything you want as long as it’s VR-related. However, first priority for the equipment will be given to people who intend to use it to participate in the theme.

What happens if I miss an open hours that I really wanted to attend?

We usually cycle our themes for open hours, so if you miss it once and it was a popular event, we will probably have it again!

MiXR (Meetings involving Extended Reality)
What is MiXR?

MiXR, or “Meetings involving Extended Reality”, is our academic forum for students more serious about VR as an academic, professional, or controversial issue. We welcome anyone in the VR community on campus to join us for talks, discussions, and development lessons.

What happens at MiXR?

Meetings range from faculty and industry talks regarding real world VR projects, round table discussions about VR hot topics, and XR development gatherings. Keep a lookout for announcements about what each week’s topic will be!

When and where is MiXR?

Every Friday from 4-5 pm at the IDEA Lab at Grainger Library. Following MiXR, we roll directly into club open hours.

The IDEA Lab is located in the west wing of the basement of Grainger Library.

I’m interested in ______. Do you have that?

Yes we do! MiXR will have everything under the sun that is related to XR and the metaverse. If you are interested in it, we will haave a meeting on it at some point. If we don’t have it, let us know and we will plan it!

I missed a MiXR. Is there any way I could get a recording or join remotely?

We are working on the technology to let people join remotely, but for now, you have to be there to see it!

VR Esports
What is VR Esports?

VR Esports represents Illini Esports in the competitive Beat Saber, Pavlov, and Echo Arena scenes. We are a team of competitive gamers and a community of friends. We compete every semester in tournaments to have fun, improve our skills, and attain glory.

When and where does the VR Esports team meet?

We meet every Wednesday from 8-10 pm at the IDEA Lab at Grainger Library.

The IDEA Lab is located in the west wing of the Grainger Library basement.

What does it take to be a VR Esport athlete?

We accept everyone to join our team and train! We enjoy helping out people who are new to the space and are determined to get better. Come on by to talk with us and learn more.

What Esports do you have?

We currently field teams for Beat Saber and Echo Arena. Next season, we will be shifting Echo Arena to an FPS title, so stay tuned for that.