Research & Organizations


VRchaeology & VR for Wheelchair Users (* *going through changes) | Led by Dr. Laura Shackelford and Dan Cermak’s stu/dio


Computer Science

ILLIXR ( | Led by Dr. Sarita Adve and PhD candidate Muhammad Huzaifa

Curriculum & Instruction

Embodied and Immersive Technologies (EmIT) Group ( | Led by Dr. Robb Lindgren

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Immersive Learning Lab ( | Led by Dr. Raluca Ilie

Games Studies & Design

The Stu/dio ( | Led by Dan Cermak


IMMERSE: Center for Immersive Computing ( | Led by Dr. Sarita Adve, Dr. Romit Roy Choudhury, Dr. Klara Nahrstedt, and Dr. Eric Shaffer

Technology Social Behavior Lab ( | Led by Dr. Mike Yao and Dr. Leona Yi-Fan Su

Journalism, ICR, and Informatics

STEM DiVRsity | Led by Dr. Christopher Ball


POINT (Physics Outreach and Instruction through New Technologies) ( | Led by Kristen Schumacher, Sonali Joshi, and Dr. Eric Shaffer

University Library

Project Komodo ( | Led by Brandon C Dang